[Nagios-devel] Nagios is dead! Long live Icinga!

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Wed May 6 14:49:00 UTC 2009

Hendrik Baecker wrote:
> Andreas Ericsson schrieb:
>> I hope Ethan moves to a DSCM and provides push access to prominent
>> contributors in the community.
> I think git should be good for this?

Yup. It's pretty good for everything else, so it should work nicely
with this as well :-)

> I hope so, I realy don't want to loose all my commits on icinga.

Ah, so you're using git already?

>> I hope Icinga forks from that DSCM, and uses the same DSCM to
>> maintain their own code so that a future merge becomes as painless
>> as possible.
> Icinga forked from a cvs2git copy, so future merging might be possible.

It would even be trivial if that cvs2git repository is available for
cloning :-)

>> I hope this isn't just a political stunt to get Ethan to come out
>> of hiding. If it is, it's very bad form. Put up the code and I'll
>> have no doubts this is genuine anymore ;-)
> As I mentioned before. Code base will be opened in the next days as a
> pre-alpha, mega-super-testing phase ;)
> No, it's not only a political stunt to get Ethan to wake up again.

mega-super-testing is fine, so long as it's code :p

>> I hope Icinga keeps their promises of staying 100% nagios-
>> compatible. op5 doesn't want to fork upstream projects, but we may
>> have to to keep API's and whatnot stable.
> We defined the nagios core components, like scheduling, alerting, and
> so on as good enough to kept untouched.
> So object and api handling should be fully compatible to nagios.

Including object sizes and layout? If so, you're doing something good
and something bad at the same time.
There's room for improvement in the objects in Nagios today. A lot of
integer flags can (and should) be removed and reworked into bitmasks.
That would make matching them against their dependencies and contacts'
options trivial

  if (1 << host->state & contact->notify_options & host->notification_options)

> The next steps should be a open development of the blocking ndoutils
> and better db abstraction.

I know you've taken a look at merlin (though I don't know if you saw the
figures of the NDOUtils scalability testing we did). Any reason you chose
to move forward with NDOUtils? Or is the database schema chopped into a
more scalable form as well?

> Of course we want to catch up the latest nagios related patches, test
> them and apply them upstream - a thing we are all missing for the
> moment, don't we?

Yup. One thing I'd love to see is more testable interfaces though. It
says on the icinga site that's something you're working on, so I'll just
hope that shows up when the code is released.

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