[Nagios-devel] monitor bandwidth

Anthony Mendoza anthony at onetruemedia.com
Thu Jan 18 15:42:24 UTC 2007

I do enter the info twice.  Fortunately, with Cacti I only have to
re-enter the hostname and Community String and the rest is point and
click from that point in terms of creating graphs for configuration. 
It's ok for when I typically use it because I'm not always trending /
graphing via Cacti the same services that I'm monitoring via Nagios. 
E.g., I may want to watch disk IO stats in Cacti, but don't care about
alerting on it.  Even CPU usage I don't alert on, but care to see
trending.  Also, in Nagios, I may be monitoring a hosts disk usage, but
only care to take a measurement once a day and only re-check every 30
minutes or every hour, but may for graphing purposes need to do that
same check every 5 minutes.  I can also provide the graphs to management
as read only without giving them any access to Nagios and am able to
flexibly setup how I want my graphing pages to look to make it easier to
see snapshots of stats.  For example, I have a branch off my tree that
is the CPU usage across all the servers in my production network so I
can see on 1 page the relation of webapp CPU usage to storage CPU usage
to DB server CPU usage to try and track any correlations.  I like being
able to do that as well.

So, long response to your short question, yes I do enter each host info

On 1/17/2007 11:52 PM, Christoph Maser had said:
> Anthony Mendoza wrote:
> > I've been doing the combo Cacti/Nagios thing
> > for the past 5-6 years now and feel they complement each other very
> well.
> Really? How do you avoid entering each host info twice?
> Chris

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