[Nagios-devel] Nagios and LDAP group membership

Francois Pernet WebMonster at idsa.ch
Thu Jan 18 07:32:40 UTC 2007


We have Nagios 2.5 installed on a huge site. This site has a central LDAP directory. The goal is to manage people n this directory following their group membership. I know that Apache is responsible for the authentication and it works fine, but we would like to know if the following could be possible:

- a user is authenticated by LDAP in Apache and he has the permission to see Nagios following his group membership (that works because not lied to Nagios)

- Nagios is able to give authorizations (cgi.cfg) based on group membership and not only user id

- optional but really nice: 
  Somehow Nagios is able to extract email address and in a file (contactldapgroups.cfg) we only declare notification period and commands (so it replaces the file contacts.cfg).

Using this way it would be possible to manage entirely Nagios people through the directory and not being obliged to declare each person under Nagios...

Tell me if I am the only one to request for such a enhancement ?

Many thanks in advance


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