[Nagios-devel] Feature request

Horvath Tamas zsitfa at t-online.hu
Fri Jan 12 19:08:58 UTC 2007


Thanks you all of them to write to me ideas.

I have read the documentation and I use freshness checking, volatile
services and other features according to the documentation when they fits my

But as Thomas Guyot-Sionnest wrote: smartd only send alerts when a disk goes
bad (or when the daemon is started).

"The purpose of "freshness" checking is to ensure that service checks are
being provided passively by external applications on a regular basis."
So "freshness" checking does not fit for my scenario.

"Volatile services are useful for monitoring...
    * things that automatically reset themselves to an "OK" state each time
they are checked
    * events such as security alerts which require attention every time
there is a problem (and not just the first time)"
So this does not fit for my scenario.

I know that I have to be sure that my passive service setup is not stale as
Chris wrote.
So I have two options:
1. Periodically restart smartd to send a test message to me every restart.
But in this case my non ok status would change to OK. I do not want it to
2. Use another check to see, whether smartd process is running on host. I do
this. But this does not solve my first problem.:(

It solved the idea by Nicolas COLIN. Sorry I always forget external
commands, becaue I use them very rarely:) Now I know what a silly question
was this. I'm sorry...

I think Thomas Guyot-Sionnest's configuration is very interesting. I will
use it for an other passive check type.

Thanks again all of you.
Regards, Tamas

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