[Nagios-devel] Feature request

Horvath Tamas zsitfa at t-online.hu
Thu Jan 11 18:32:01 UTC 2007

Hi Listmembers!

I think it would be useful if Nagios automatically set up passive service
checks' initial state. For example after I configured a passive service
check, its status will be "Ok" and its status information will be "Service
assumed to be ok".

In my scenario I have lost status information and all of my passive service
checks become "PENDING", "Service check is not scheduled for execution...".
I have more than 300 passive service checks and nearly 200 are based upon
smatmontools. SMARTD will not send information to Nagios for a long time (I
hope, because it means that HDDs are OK). In this case PENDING", "Service
check is not scheduled for execution..." on the web page is a little
confusing. Our users complained about it. 

Today I spent more than 1 hour to submit passive check results for all of
these services manually, one at a time. It was time consuming and tedious.

If you think that this idea is wrong, do you know a tool, which can setup
all PENDING passive service checks intial status together?.

Thanks in advance,

PS.: I use Nagios 1.3.

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