[Nagios-devel] [Nagios-users] Debian Bug #401738: statuswml.cgi cannot schedule check commands

Marc Haber mh+nagios-devel at zugschlus.de
Wed Jan 10 16:36:23 UTC 2007


this is from the Debian BTS, http://bugs.debian.org/401738:

| When trying to re-schedule a check for a service from the wml pages I
| get the following error message: "Start time must be non-zero". If I
| manually submit start_time=<epoch> to cmd.cgi the commands works fine.
| The same method works fine from the normal status.cgi.

The bug submitter confirms that this still holds for Nagios 2.6.

I report this bug here because the Nagios project does not seem to
have a publicly visible bug tracker.


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