[Nagios-devel] NDOUtils 1.4b1 Released

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Tue Jan 9 10:01:46 UTC 2007

I've only commented on the parts where I know what I'm talking about. I 
haven't delved into the ndo database in detail.

Marlo Bell wrote:
> 1. objects.name1 and objects.name2 shouldn't exist. The names of objects should
> live in their respective tables. Hosts should have a hostname and a alias field.
> Services should have a service_description field. Hostgroups should have a
> hostgroup_name and a hostgroup_alias field. etc. etc. etc. I believe this to be
> the case because they are unique to each object and cannot be generified-the
> result is a bunch of NULLs in the objects table. This also makes joining objects
> together easier/possible. In the current NDO database I couldn't use a join to
> show me all the services in a particular servicegroup. This could possibly be
> done with a subquery, but that seems excessive for a seemingly simple query.


> 2. Host and Services should not be linked by name. At very least the id of the
> host and service object should be linked. But to truly model the Nagios works,
> it should be a many-to-many relationship with an association table.

Not really. Internally, Nagios explodes the

define service{
	service_description   foobar
	host_name       *

so that each host gets its own service "foobar". It's programmatically 
much easier to keep each service a separate object in the database as 
well, so it only has to have a host_id entry that links to the proper 
host definition in the database. This also allows for storing the 
current state of each host/service in the ndo database in a very simple 
way. Hacking up the PHP gui could then kick off very quickly and would, 
in practice, only have to use two tables to get all the tools viewing 
current status up and running. The reporting tools would still have to 
use more data than that.

> 4. The acknowledgements and comments should be closely linked.
> Since an acknowledgement requires a comment, Why keep them separate?
> Just have the acknowledgements table link to the comment_id of the acknowledgement comment.


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