[Nagios-devel] NDOUtils 1.4b1 Released

Hendrik Baecker andurin at process-zero.de
Mon Jan 8 19:27:06 UTC 2007

Ethan Galstad wrote:
> Its been quite a while since I released an update to the NDOUtils addon, 
> but the time has finally arrived.  I just squashed some big bugs and 
> released 1.4b1, so give it a try and let me know (on the -devel list) 
> what does/doesn't work.  Its a beta release, so don't if you're using a 
> prior version for production purposes, use caution with this.
> The new release has a slightly different DB structure (there's a script 
> that should upgrade the 1.3 table structures) and the default table 
> prefix is now "nagios_" instead of "ndo_".  Should work with Nagios 2.x 
> and the Nagios 3 alpha CVS code.
> The new release also has a separate PDF document describing the DB 
> structure.  Its 55 or so pages and doesn't cover the ~20 tables 
> containing configuration data yet, but that will get filled in for 
> future releases.  Thanks to Marlo Bell for his early Visio diagram 
> several months back - it was a great start for the docs!
> Ethan Galstad,
> Nagios Developer
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Hi Ethan, hi list,

thanks for updating ndoutils, many users out of the german
"nagios-portal.de" have are very interested in and ndo is used mainly
for the visual addon nagvis (www.nagvis.org)

On an AMD64 arch there are one linking error caused of using "-fPIC" and
-shared together while some object were compiled without "-fPIC".

After some search I've edited the Makefile to compile io.o and utils.o
with the -fPIC, too. After this patch I can compile ndoutils on a AMD64
without any trouble.

Hope this doesn't break anything.

Best wishes

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