[Nagios-devel] 64bit processors.

Alessandro Ren alessandro.ren at opservices.com.br
Fri Jan 5 17:07:04 UTC 2007

Tobias Klausmann wrote:
> Hi! 
> On Fri, 05 Jan 2007, Alessandro Ren wrote:
>> is someone running nagios in a 64bits processor? I've not yet tested it 
>> under a 64bits platform and I wonder which the  performance gain would be.
> As soon as the new hardware is delivered (some time in January),
> I will be running a full 64-bit (userland and kernel) environment
> for Nagios. If you can wait that long...
> Regards,
> Tobias
    I think I can wait... :)
    I am putting together a AMD 64 system soon too, to do some stress 
tests and other things. Besides nagios, we use mysql and jpgraph to 
generate graphs and I also want to see is the new processor can plot faster.
    Which distribution do you plan on installing in this system?


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