[Nagios-devel] Service binding through hostgroup negation

Brian E. Seppanen seppy at chartermi.net
Tue Dec 23 11:29:01 UTC 2003

Hi Folks:

I'm new to nagios, but have been using Netsaint for years, and I'm now
moving all of my configs to the template format (which is very nice).  In
my configs I basically assign hosts to hostgroups, and then bind the
service to that hostgroup.  In some circumstances I have exceptions in
which it would seem the best way to account for the exceptions would be to 
have a hostgroup definition inclusive of the exceptions and than to negate 
those members via their hostgroup membership.

An example.

service does_proxy
hostgroup_name	hostgroup_all

service does_proxy+smtp
hostgroup_name	hostgroup_all!hostgroup_proxy_only

In other words the does_proxy service includes all hosts as members.   The 
service does_proxy+smtp would include all hosts as members, except the 
exceptions listed in hostgroup_proxy_only

Is it possible?   If it isn't possible would it be possible to add it in a 
future release?   


Brian Seppanen
seppy at chartermi.net
906-475-0107 ext 1040

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