[Nagios-devel] Passive service checks being disabled when Nagios restarts

Thomas Filarecki tfila at voyanttech.com
Mon Dec 22 15:43:04 UTC 2003


I'm wondering if anyone has heard of the following problem.  I'm using version 1.1 from June 2, 2003 and have the majority of my service checks as passive checks.  If I stop and restart Nagios multiple times in a row, it alternatively comes up first with the passive checks disabled and then enabled.  So, in other words...

1) Nagios running, passive checks are enabled.
2) Stop/restart Nagios
3) Passive checks are now disabled
4) Stop/restart Nagios
5) Passive checks are now enabled
6) and so on & so on....

<there are no configuration changes or external commands being submitted between the restarts.>

Looking at the status.sav file when stopping Nagios, it looks as if the accept_passive_service_checks flag being written out as 0 when Nagios has the checks enabled and then alternatively as 1 when it has the checks disabled.

I've startd digging through the code to see if I can pin-point where it is toggling the flag, but have not isolated it yet.


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