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Jason Martin jhmartin at toger.us
Sat Dec 13 11:37:02 UTC 2003

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> Now this isn't a major problem for us - I wrote discovery scripts in 
> perl that given a list of
Would you be interested in sharing this script?  

> Currently with the first sweep of discovery (excluding networking type 
> queries) we ended up with around
> 300 hosts and 1500 services with checking of services every 5 minutes. 
>  This absolutely hammered CPU of the
> box it was on (Sun E250 Dual CPU and 2Gb Memory).  This was okay, we 
> used the embedded perl option
> and this got us to just under 100% utilisation.  Yes this is an issue 
> with the plugins and I'll discuss this later.
Perl really isn't a great idea for plugins that get executed frequently; 
it's just too large of a process.  I've head that using perlcc improves 
matters as well.

> tool for further processing.
> such as counters.  Admittedly we run this at maximum nice levels to 
> ensure it does not impact primary
> data collection work.
You might consider splitting the graphing mechanism off to a different 
machine to lighten the load on the collector.

> ** Nagios does not natively deal with counters - not really a Nagios 
> problem, just an observation. i.e. write your
I believe one of the selling points of Nagios is that it is completely 
plugin agnostic -- it cares not what you are monitoring. Going down the 
path of making it understand what certain plugins are doing would probably 
greatly increase complexity and reduce stability.

> This is a real concern as NNM can do this without even breaking a sweat 
> - admittedly it does not have the dependency type
> information included.
I think a more accurate comparison would be if you left out the dependency 
information when taking the timings.

> I have seen patches to improve performance on this (have not yet 
> implemented/tested) and I think this is improved on the next
> version.
The docs indicate that Nagios will create a 'compiled' config file for the 
CGI's to read that will be less expensive.

> ** I am not sure that active checks scale at all well under Nagios.
You can also use distributed monitoring if you've maxed out your active
check capacity on a given machine.

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