[Nagios-devel] Logging for critical messgaes

Andy Harbach andy.harbach at securetrading.com
Thu Dec 11 07:07:09 UTC 2003

I am currently examining the use of Nagios to replace another monitoring
system. Most of the features I have seen in Nagios are excellent,
however we require extra information on services which are critical or
warnings (i.e. we need to see a lot more than a single line of output).
>From my understanding Nagios currently only shows a single line, and
truncates it if its length is over a specific number of characters.

My current plans are for our development team to return the extra
information required using the nrpe plugin, and then to log this
information to a file (e.g.

One way we have thought of doing this is to attempt editing of the
Nagios source code to include an extra macro (e.g. $DETAIL$) to hold the
information, which could then be used by a logging plugin (possibly
called using an event handler).

Another possibility is to ask the nrpe plugin (or Nagios) to do the
logging directly.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the viability of these suggestions -
would there be a better way to do this? Also if we were to implement
these features would there be a chance of getting them put in to the
main source tree for future releases?

I look forward to receiving any feedback.
Andy Harbach
System Operations

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