[Nagios-devel] Re: Compiling nagios nsca plugin on OSX

Greg Bernard nagios at todoo.biz
Sun Dec 7 12:06:02 UTC 2003

Le 4/12/03 4:30, « Ian Holsman » <lists at holsman.net> a écrit :

> Ethan Galstad wrote:
>> Hmmm.. searching on Google, it appears that poll() might not be
>> supported on Mac OSX.  I'll look at implementing a workaround, but it
>> may take a while as this is not on the front burner.  If anyone else
>> has a quick fix, please chime in.
> panther (OSX 10.3) has /usr/include/poll.h
> otherwise I think there is a libpoll available under fink which is a
> poll emulation library
> --Ian

Nagios nsca will compile perfectly with OSX 10.3 !

Just Updated and made the test... !!!

The libpoll.h provided via fink won't do the trick with OSX 10.2 //

Thanks folks.

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