[Nagios-devel] Nagios Statistics

Daniel Henninger daniel at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Dec 4 10:04:06 UTC 2003

> I'm going to guess that the numbers in the database are dumped
> periodically from memory and are only accurate because you've had
> retain_state_information enabled from the beginning. You could change
> them by shutting down nagios, resetting the numbers in the DB, then
> restarting Nagios but it will have no bearing on the numbers presented
> if you run avail.cgi.

Well, that's the thing, I don't care if they have any bearing on what
shows in avail.cgi.  I'm using them in external scripts and just to get a
feel for how things are going.  I don't need them to be 100% accurate.
It's just helpful to see "well crap, 50% of the time it's been critical,
21% warning, and 29% ok", which I can easily put in my external scripts
using the mysql db.  I dunno, if it's stored in memory, it still would be
helpful to be able to reset it.  If I wrote a patch to make it resetable,
would it even remotely be considered for being included with the nagios
dist?  (asking so I can figure out if it's worth bothering to make it
"pretty"...  I will probably write the patch regardless for our own


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