[Nagios-devel] Re: No mysql code in v2? object configuration in mysql.

Ian Holsman IanH at Apache.org
Wed Dec 3 19:31:01 UTC 2003

it seems a bit strange.
is this a temporary thing, or is DB integration not seen as a good thing ?

Joe Rhett wrote:
> Why?   This is a huge step backwards, not forwards.
> On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 02:28:25PM -0600, jeff vier wrote:
>>it's in the ChangeLog that all SQL support was stripped for v2.0
>>On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 14:23, Joe Rhett wrote:
>>>I'm poking around the CVS code, and I don't see any mysql code there at
>>>all.  Was'sup with that?
>>>Frankly, I'm looking hard at the cached config stuff and possibly writing a
>>>module to store all object configuration in mysql.  Nagios will only need
>>>to pull it from mysql when refreshing the cache, so performance is a non-op.

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